Beautiful home and living products from canvas prints to bathroom mirrors.

Welcome To Andrew Lee - Home And Living Collection. The home of delightful home decor, contemporary interior crafts and artful living pieces! Our team of British artists and curators build each of our collections by hand, to bring you a seamless style experience

Browse our ranges for design inspiration, perfectly coordinated accents, and playful colour contrasts to bring your home to life. From a flamboyance of flamingos to an abundance of botanicals, our eclectic designs are created right here in Northamptonshire to breathe energy and personality into British living spaces.

With a dynamic, growing team of designers and artists at our fingertips, Andrew Lee strives to remain at the forefront of the home design evolution. Be sure to check back regularly for fresh collections, limited edition design statements, and exclusive handmade Andrew Lee releases! Our artwork and full range of products are a collaboration of inhouse art produced by Andrew Bourke alongside hand-picked designs form home and fashion trends. This brings you the latest energy to bring your home to life.

Andrew Lee - for a life, and a home, less ordinary.