A beautifully crafted bath mat is an excellent way to upgrade the style and drama of your bathroom spaces, with silky soft sensations underfoot and a hint of artful design.
Enhancing Bathrooms with Premium Bath Mats
Luxury bath mat sets elevate the feel of any bathroom, adding colour, pattern and texture to these practical rooms and setting the tone for relaxing bathing experiences. Choosing a bath floor mat is an opportunity to make a statement and select luxury bath mat sets that emulate your personality, decor preferences, and bathroom theme. Options include quirky, bold graphics for fun, vibrant family rooms, through to serene tropical prints and soothing tones.
Creating a Unique Interior With Luxury Bath Mat Sets 
Quality bath mats sets can clash wonderfully with cool, contemporary tiling or draw together elements of your bathroom to create a cohesive, uniform colour scheme.  Every Andrew Lee bath mat is produced with direct to fabric printing for the ultimate in superior bath floor mats, offering colours that pop, rich shades, and delicately soft padding under your toes.
Selecting Bath Floor Mats for Form and Functionality
While our exceptional luxury bath mat sets may be stunning on the eye, they also provide all the added practical benefits essential in a functional bathroom. Deep plush women cotton fabrics and thick absorption keep splashes and spills at bay, ensuring your bathroom spaces remain fresh. A bath floor mat is a brilliant way to make those smaller rooms in your home feel special. They create an ambience of calm or brighten up dull shower spaces with an injection of energetic style, contrasting colours, and lively motifs that will help you feel ready to tackle the day.
Bathroom Safety Features of Quality Bath Mats 
While much of our choice of bath mats sets may be around fashion and layout, an outstanding bath floor mat is also a crucial feature for bathroom safety, reducing the risk of slips and falls for all family members. Bathing little ones is a joy with a deep plush bath mat to soothe a wiggly child or the non-slip backing, and the soft cotton surface is impeccably designed to absorb water and protect your family from slippery tiles.
Matching Your Bath Floor Mat With Bathroom Decor
Our vast range of bath mats sets enables you to switch around your design inspiration, opting for complementary shades and tones to highlight other fabrics and textiles in your bathroom. There are multiple ways to use colour and contrast to enhance the feel of your bathroom, and one of the best options is to select a feature, fitting or fabric that you love and use that colour as the basis for your choice of bath mat. For example, coordinate your luxury bath mat sets with fluffy towels, family dressing gowns, window dressings, or tile patterns to create symmetry. Alternatively, choose a shade that aligns perfectly with your bathtub colour.
Keeping Your Bath Mat in Perfect Condition
Andrew Lee bath mat sets are the ideal blend of performance and pleasure, with easy maintenance to ensure they can be washed and dried with ease, returning to bouncy softness after every wash.