Luxury mirrors are an original way to bring opulence, classic design, and retro glamour to every indoor space - or opt for mirror art wall decor for a touch of creativity.
Styling Interiors With Luxury Mirrors
Andrew Lee luxury mirrors are available in a broad range of textures, sizes, colours and styles, to allow you to personalise your home and select the perfect mirror for your property. From functional, minimalist mirror frames for contemporary homes to glamorous metallics and sumptuous dressing room mirrors, there is an optimal mirror to enhance the feel of your selected room.
Premium mirrors aren't solely practical pieces to check your appearance but are a clever way to bounce natural light throughout your rooms, lighten dark spaces, and elongate corridors to give a sense of freedom, openness and air.
Using Mirrors for Living Room Spaces
Mirrors for living rooms provide multiple uses and can act as a stunning central focal point to highlight your chimney breast or offset the larger pieces of furniture.
Drawing the eye upwards can accentuate other features, such as lighting, ceiling roses or wall hangings, ensuring your rooms feel vibrant.
A luxury mirror piece is timeless and offers a gentle ambience that blends seamlessly with any decor style. The power of reflective glass invites energy into your home and is also an exceptional way to reflect the view of your garden, outdoor space or natural sky.
Enhancing Natural Light with Luxury Mirrors 
Multiple light sources are ideal for smaller rooms or homes. Using wide panelled mirrors for living room spaces or other rooms provides an abundance of reflections, helping to exaggerate both natural and artificial light sources. Opt for a slimline frame for a subtle decor uplift, or choose a bold, thicker frame to create a statement, with an impressive luxury mirror to add the wow factor.
Homes can also be instantly revamped with a decorative frame, which can either complement your existing style or provide a direct contrast to maximise the focus on other patterns and colours.
Choosing Mirror Art Wall Decor
Mirror art wall decor is a perfect blend of the functional and the beautiful - offering all the benefits of a luxury mirror, yet with the fun and vibrancy of unique art pieces. 
Andrew Lee mirror art wall decor is created with innovative print direct to glass techniques. That ensures your artwork is fully waterproof, easy to clean, and harnesses UV print technology for a durable finish and deep colours that won't fade over time.
Each piece of mirror art wall decor is supplied, including the hardware to mount your new piece of art, making it a fast and straightforward way to upgrade your wall art.
Selecting Premium Mirrors for Living Rooms 
The right luxury mirrors for your property depend on the aesthetic you have in mind and the size and shape of your intended room.
More oversized mirrors with chunky, tactile frames are an excellent addition to picture walls and break up empty space to deliver visual focus, connecting rooms.
A slimmer, discreet mirror frame is an attractive option for smaller rooms and makes the best use of small empty wall spaces to create the illusion of a more significant space.