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Over the last year, there has been a surge in the amount of time and money we invest in our homes - and with good reason!

Being amid lockdowns, on furlough from work, and unable to travel has meant that millions of us have spent a considerably larger proportion of our time at home than ever.

The impact of that is twofold:

  • An increased appreciation of the value of a comfortable home.
  • The drive to make the most of our living spaces and invest effort in our interiors.

Here at Andrew Lee, we have long advocated for quality craftsmanship. We recognise how pieces of art, glass or furnishings can make a tangible difference to how you feel when relaxing at home.

Let's take a closer look at why so many homeowners have devoted their energy to transforming tired rooms into tranquil havens and the easiest ways to reinvigorate your property, so it's somewhere you'll want to spend more time.

Home Living - The New Normal

While we're all relieved and excited to see restrictions beginning to lift, the year of the pandemic has been a steep learning curve.

Being obligated to stay at home was a short-term measure - but it's highlighted how our properties have such a profound effect on our quality of living.

This year is also seeing record-high property prices and unprecedented volumes of people choosing to move home.

That might be to spend time closer to family or take advantage of new work from home policies. In many cases, it reflects how lockdowns in central city areas have made people reconsider where they want to spend their time - and how crucial outdoor space is to our wellbeing.

Finishing off those long-standing DIY jobs or giving your rooms a quick makeover is a great way to improve the saleable value of your home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers if you're thinking about selling up!

Gentle Decor for Mindful Living

There are countless ways to add an accent of colour, a hint of humour, or a splash of personality that can immediately elevate a living space.

The key is to ensure you select decorative pieces and furnishings that you love! Design is such a personal taste, and selecting items that reflect the character of your home and bring joy to your daily routines is essential to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your property.

Here are a few examples of effortless pieces that can make a living space feel brand new:

  • Plump cushions to make even lumpy (yet super comfortable!) couches feel fresh. There is little better than reclining back into a pillowy sofa after a long day's work!
  • Adding rugs and elegant floor coverings to soften cold, hard floors and give your tired toes something luxurious to sink into.
  • Placing bath mats and heavenly thick towels in your bathroom to ensure your relaxation space feels pampering.
  • Using throws and blankets as a contrast to sharp modern edges or to bring out colours that are a core part of your interior design scheme.

Each of these options is simple and takes minimal time, and yet can make an enormous difference in your experience of spending time at home.

Another fantastic way to change your interior is to think about lighting. Whether you're looking for higher-powered lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, or a blissful ambience in your living spaces, replacing lampshades can transform the way your rooms appear.

Great decor can be a compelling way to emphasise the emotions you'd like each room in your home to convey - and it doesn't have to be natural hues and calming colour palettes!

Bright, vibrant, bold colours make us feel energised, awake and uplifted. Floral or botanical prints can bring pattern and shape to spaces without jarring with bold wall coverings. Large mirrors and wall art can make small, cramped spaces feel significantly more spacious and airy.

The Human Nesting Instinct

Nesting is a phenomenon when we feel compelled to make our homes neater, cleaner, or more elegant. It's well known that pregnant women often feel this drive, as it ensures they feel mentally prepared for the arrival of a new addition.

However, it's worth considering your wellbeing in general and how our instincts reflect the innate need to have a home where we feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

Your decor isn't solely about the design and visual impact but has wider ramifications on mental health, our ability to get good nights sleep and wind down from the pressures of everyday life.

We've talked about using contemporary lighting to change the energy of a room, but it's also a powerful way to ensure bedrooms are the perfect place to relax. Having calming light sources makes it easier to switch off, get to sleep faster, and avoid disturbances during the night.

Likewise, having a living room with plenty of soft furnishings and comfy cushions helps us feel at ease when spending time with family during the evenings or weekends.

When your home is designed around your tastes and personality, you will benefit from improved quality time without feeling restless or anxious.

Why 2021 is the Year of Home Comforts

As the world emerges from the chaos of the pandemic, and we all look forward to post-lockdown living, it remains as crucial as ever to consider how your home impacts your mindset.

We've all learned that spending a little time improving your decor or furnishings can make your living space a happier place to be - which has universal benefits in helping every home feel like the perfect space to while away the summer to come.

For more interior style inspiration, please visit the Andrew Lee catalogue. Our ranges feature exquisite quality and attention to detail, with our pieces made right here in Northamptonshire.

From impressive mirror art to fine furnishings and practical, yet beautiful pieces, we are passionate about ensuring everybody has a home they are proud to live in, and which feels like the ideal place to live well.

April 29, 2021 — WOYA