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Bath time should be one of the most peaceful parts of the day. Your opportunity to relax, soak away the stresses, and get in tune with yourself in preparation for a perfect night's sleep.

However, for most of us, the reality doesn't quite fit the dream!

Chaotic family bathrooms are usually strewn with damp towels, squirty bath time toys and toothpaste in seemingly impossible to reach places.

Alternatively, you might have a highly functional bathroom, but one that is crammed into a corner of the house or feels cold and uninviting, rather than an oasis of rest.

As interiors experts, the Andrew Lee team is delighted to share some of our tips to take back your tranquillity and transform even the tiniest of bathrooms into your personal heaven.

Soften Your Evening Routine with Beautiful Accessories

Bathrooms can be tricky rooms to furnish. On the one hand, you need waterproof and moisture resistant wall coverings or tiles, hard flooring and functional furnishings. However, it's also vital to ensure your space is relaxing and serene.

While cold tiles and stark chrome aren't always the most soothing of materials, they are highly popular as contemporary, slick bathroom decor.

One of the best ways to add some comfort and a luxurious spa feel is to use bath mats and accessory pieces to inject colour, personality, and joy into your bathroom without even thinking about retiling or digging out the grout!

The Andrew Lee Bath Mats collection includes a vast range of designs and styles, each suited to the mood and ambience you'd like to capture. Some of our most popular bathroom products include:

  • Abstract art graphic floral prints, bringing shape, texture and flow into bathroom spaces.
  • Bright tropical designs, injecting vibrant colour and fun pattern.
  • Sumptuous deep purples and blacks for a grown-up chic bathroom.

When deciding how to elevate your bathroom to make it a room you're happy to spend serious self-care time in, it's all about thinking about the theme or character you'd like for the room.

Beautiful furnishings and soft decorative touches can calm sharp edges and utilitarian materials, making bathrooms feel gentler and more comfortable.

Modern prints can elevate the sense of order and structure, ideal for modernistic bathrooms or those who love to feel like they are bathing in an opulent hotel!

Whichever bath mat styling you choose, these accessory pieces can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom environment and transform the space in a cost-effective and powerful way.

Andrew Lee bath mat accessories are all created with direct print to fabric for high-quality finishes that won't fade and are designed to be as gorgeous to look at as they are practical.

Generously sized bath mats are an excellent way to cushion your feet and provide the perfect ending to a beautiful bubble bath.

Make Space for Calm

The next advice we'd give to anybody looking to take back control over their relaxation space is to think about storage, clever design and decluttering.

It's tough to unwind when you're surrounded by the general bathroom mess we all seem to accumulate, so taking the time to reorganise your space and ensure it is functional and yet attractive can do wonders for your sense of wellbeing.

Examples include:

  • Fitting heated towel rails or hand towel rings to ensure any wet laundry isn't left on the floor, and you have a perception of peaceful organisation.
  • Using toy baskets or storage hammocks for kid's bathroom games so you can confine these items to a specific area and not infringe on your bath time rituals.
  • Putting toothbrushes and toothpaste in cute storage containers, jars or toothbrush holders - there are some great options with plastic suckers if you're low on shelving space!
  • Having a moisture-loving plant on the windowsill. We can never underestimate the power of plants and flowers to make us feel calm.

Even in small bathrooms, it's possible to be creative with storage solutions to ensure you're not tripping over toys or battling through used sponges to find space for yourself.

Bathtub shelves are a good option for corner baths and can slot in the space behind the taps to hold all of your lotions and potions in a place that's easy and comfortable to reach.

Shelves that slot over the tub are a great way to prop up a good book and have a glass of wine or cup of tea in easy reach as you recline back into the bubbles.

Hooked storage units are convenient for showers or bathrooms where you don't have the capacity for standalone storage but still want to create a room that feels organised and relaxed.

Wrap Yourself In Luxury Towels

Finally, if you feel that you need to add a little joy into your bath time, nothing speaks of true comfort more than wrapping yourself into a warm, snuggly towel made from luxurious natural fibres.

After the most demanding days, a thick, soft towel after a hot bath feels like a hug and can restore peace and comfort.

Putting a bath towel on a heated rail or even popping it on a radiator while you bathe is a great way to make time for a little hint of luxury and is a purely indulgent feeling that defines your focus on taking care of yourself.

Natural cotton fibres or premium Egyptian cotton are the ultimate choices if you're looking to create a perfect bathing ritual.

It's well worth investing in excellent quality bath towels, as they remain absorbent, plush and thick wash after wash.

Choosing colour accents can be a fabulous way to tie together your bathroom decor, linking your weighty, rich towels with your bath mats and accessories.

Alternatively, you can opt for a crisp white towel - although we'd recommend these be kept clear of sticky fingers and pets, reserved solely for adult relaxation time!

Another popular choice is to enhance a contemporary bathroom space with a single colour towel set, such as a matte black or soft grey, which feel modern and stylish.

Bathtimes are about more than cleaning - they are often the only time of the day when we can spend time uninterrupted by clamour, pressure and noise.

Therefore it's essential to ensure your bathroom space is somewhere you can truly wind down, set yourself up for a great night's sleep and a positive morning mindset.

April 29, 2021 — WOYA