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Mirror art is a fantastic way to transform a tired bedroom or dated living space into something fresh, energetic and new!

There are multiple ways to use contemporary art and reflective materials to enhance natural light and create exceptional focal points that draw the eye.

Here we'll talk about the benefits of mirror art and why classic glass continues to evolve as our interior design trends and tastes change.

The key is to think about the aesthetic and ambience you wish to create - and use that style inspiration to influence your mirror art selections to tie together colour schemes and patterns to create the ultimate luxurious feel.

The Artful Chameleon - Glass in Interior Design

One of the beautiful properties of glass is that it is adaptable. The same art piece might look equally at home in a lavish living space surrounded by sumptuous fabrics or a modern styled kitchen full of exposed brickwork and angular fixtures!

The Andrew Lee mirror art collection reflects this diversity, showcasing some of the remarkable ways to harness the power of reflectivity to improve the character of any room.

For example:

  • Soft, gentle lines and graceful florals can bring a quiet charm and elegance.
  • Art deco and geometrics pull together shape and provide intricacy and detail.
  • Coloured mirror art ranges from vibrant, zesty shades to calming, subtle tones.
  • Botanicals offer a natural backdrop and a chic way to connect with the outdoors.

With our vast range of mirror art, you will find a tremendous assortment of finishes, textures and designs, each evoking a specific mood.

There is little better than seeing how your mirror art changes and adjusts through the times of day and the seasons of the year. Bright morning sunlight echoes around your rooms and soothing autumnal colours are all reflected into the home by strategically placed mirror art.

This flexibility demonstrates why mirror art is fast becoming the interior design statement piece of choice, representing flexible art arrangements that never fail to impress.

Flexible Functionality of Mirror Art

The other crucial benefit of opting for a piece of contemporary mirror art is that it provides a myriad of practical, functional benefits, in addition to being a beautiful object to hang on your walls.

Mirrors and glass can make even cramped, dark spaces feel significantly more extensive and spacious, bouncing natural light back off the walls and creating a feeling of airiness and height.

By placing your mirror art directly opposite a window, light source, or other mirrored artwork, you can multiply the impacts of valuable sunlight and transform the feeling of a room.

It also adapts perfectly to smaller spaces, with mirrors used to add impression and interest throughout staircases, on landings, and at the end of hallways, which don't have the benefit of regular light during the day.

The art in your home should reflect your personality and passions, so whether you choose a monochrome piece, fun art-pop design, or a piece of script that demonstrates the usage of that space, our mirror art remains as unique as your home.

Glass Art Through the Ages

While colourful, bold and exciting mirror art may seem like a thoroughly new concept, it has been around for many decades, stemming from the art deco movement.

This began in Paris in 1925, and the luxury of gold and silver trims, timeless style and attractive fanned shapes remain synonymous with the roaring 20s.

With new glass manufacturing techniques emerging in the late 50s, we saw this previously fragile, brittle material become far more widely used.

While many mirror art installations are arranged as a key piece in a living room or entertaining area, they are also suitable as an unusual alternative to a traditional bathroom mirror, personalising and elevating this functional space into something more impressive.

Mirror art is an exceptional choice and designed for practicalities as well as aesthetics, with features including:

  • Wall-mounted hardware for easy hanging and display.
  • Craftsmanship by UK artists and makers.
  • Direct paint to glass application techniques.
  • Authentic UV paint technology for a dramatic impact.
  • Easy clean surfaces for simple maintenance.
  • Waterproof finishes, ensuring mirror art can be hung in kitchens or bathrooms without deteriorating.

The Andrew Lee mirror art collection showcases some of the most exemplary uses of these craft techniques available today, creating wholly practical mirrors and wall coverings that deliver panache and artistic excellence in abundance.

Using reflections in art is also a classic craft, and variations in surface texture can create an engaging piece, encouraging us to consider our spatial perceptions. As the seasons change and light grows and fades, mirror art provides a fascinating medium to see the ever-evolving narrative of our homes adapt over time.

Art Deco Mirror Art

Our collections of mirror art created here in Northamptonshire cover a range of styles and imagery, ensuring there is a design piece that resonates with every home.

Among the most popular remain the art deco pieces, adding personality and versatile design. Office spaces or minimalistic interiors are effortlessly enhanced with the smooth lines and proud shades of an art deco statement mirror.

You can also select your mirror art to suit a specific theme or aesthetic, such as:

  • Marine influenced mirror art depicting graphics relevant to coastal life.
  • Greek architectural designs made for opulence and classic luxury.
  • Boho-inspired artwork bringing a hint of the natural world inside.
  • Graphic mirror artwork based on tropical paradises or forest retreats.

There is little doubt that the appeal of mirror art will only continue to grow as new designs, styles, and influences add to the broad range of conceptual art pieces and functional installations that enhance every modern home.

For more information about any of the Andrew Lee mirror art range, the artists behind the work, or the most suitable pieces for the size and placement position required in your home, please contact the team for further details.

Alternatively, please visit our complete online catalogue for access to the whole range of classic, intriguing and enthralling mirror art!

April 29, 2021 — WOYA