Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - How to Create Impactful Style With Glass

You'll find a mirror, or perhaps two, in every UK home - but by leveraging the unique reflective qualities of glass, these everyday home decor items can shine a light into the darkest corners of every living space!

Let's explore some style ideas, how glass can have a transformative impact, and why mirrors are for more than selfies and bathroom cabinets.

Reflecting on Smart Design

Mirrors, as with any home decor product, come in a diverse range of finishes and styles:

  • Vintage tarnished glass
  • Contemporary metalwork
  • Minimalist framing
  • Bold and bright colours

However, we're not here to talk about what type of mirror to choose; we're here to discover how to turn this simple object into a design statement!

The most potent quality of reflective glass is that it rebounds light. So, in larger spaces, darker rooms, or dusty and forgotten corners, placing a mirror in a crafty position will reflect, magnify and expand incoming light across the area.

If you have a natural light source, all the better. Sunlight is great for our health, makes our homes feel warm and alive, and has the special property of changing subtly with the seasons to keep us naturally centred.

For spaces without windows, or further away from natural light sources, using touches of illumination from lamps, up-lighters, spotlights or even some sparkly fairy lights will have a similar impact.

Consider where your light comes from and position your mirror on the opposite or angled wall. If you're using a freestanding mirror, think about the direction of light it projects - if the mirror is angled downwards, it will bounce the light towards the lower portion of your room, or if angled upwards will create a higher level of lighting.

Take a look through our Luxury Mirrors range for more ideas and inspiration.

Expanding Living Spaces

Another excellent reason to add mirrors to your shelves, walls or photo gallery is that this light play amplifies the feeling of space.

Mirrors reflect back what they can see, so can be used:

  • At the end of narrow hallways to elongate the passageway.
  • In small or low-ceiling height rooms opposite windows with the effect of making the room feel more spacious.
  • Throughout gardens, or in rooms facing the outdoors to bring a touch of nature inside.
  • In walk-in wardrobes, pantries or offices to give the illusion of a more expansive room.

If you have a focal point, a feature wall or a part of your home that you wish to stand out and act as a design feature, using a mirror to reflect that back into your room is a fun way to create a more significant impact.

The diversity of mirrors make them ideal for expanding spaces; think long, slim, hallway mirrors, functional square frames for boxy walls, or dynamic art deco angles to bring a splash of quirkiness to bland rooms.

The Joy of Symmetry

Human eyes are drawn to symmetry - it is alluring, captivating, and elegant all at the same time. For example, the beauty industry celebrates symmetrical faces since our eyes naturally appreciate identical or reversed repetition.

Using mirrors to replicate this natural order of design can make the most straightforward hallway table or dressing area something unique.

Symmetry doesn't have to be harsh angles and exacting lines, either.

Some of the most incredible landscape photography uses this technique to capture symmetrical nature, with treelines and cityscapes reflected perfectly in the water.

You can use symmetry by:

  • Positioning identical mirrors on opposite walls, or alongside each other to present contrasting reflections.
  • Casting back focal points, or images through a window, with a mirror image.
  • Using small mirrors aligned in groups or clusters to create an individual pattern.
  • Creating a feeling of balance with similar-sized mirrors positioned in opposite spots in your rooms.

If your design aesthetic changes or you feel like it's time to change up the ambience of a room, mirrors are easy to move and reposition to bring a fresh feel to your home.

Mirrors as Art

A mirror is a functional, useful object - we use them for brushing our teeth, getting ready for the day and adjusting our ties.

However, plain glass is also one of the most adaptable mediums in our homes and can hold pattern, design, tone and interest.

Injecting a shot of colour into spaces can bring an old design, or muted colour scheme right back to the forefront, with patterns, prints and textures reflected back into the room and highlighted by mirrored glass.

Our Mirrored Art prints do just that; combine handcrafted design, intricate styling and energetic colours with a functional household item.

From abstract geometry to wistful waterscapes, and vibrant florals to quirky splashes of print, mirror art connects design themes together in a unique way while complementing your colour schemes.

Design Tips for Mirrors

As we can see, there are countless ways to use mirrors to make our rooms feel brighter, bigger, fresher and more cohesive.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior design, and mirrors can adapt to pretty much any colour scheme or pattern while embracing the style that reflects your personality.

Other excellent ways to enhance your living space include:

  • Using mirrors outdoors to make terraces, balconies, verandas or courtyards feel brighter and more vibrant.
  • Dressing mirrors with lights, and matching or clashing picture frames in clusters to create a gallery wall.
  • Choosing a statement mirror as a focal point for a room and building a colour scheme or pattern around the frame.
  • Selecting complementary frame colours or designs to pinpoint a style feature within your room.
  • Positioning contrasting mirror shapes to design a feature - such as bubble mirrors next to square frames, or creating a jigsaw puzzle of frame widths and sizes.
  • Using unusual shaped mirrors, or a unique piece of mirror art to create a point of interest and leave a lasting impression.

Remember that, as much as our homes need to provide for practicalities, they are also the space where we spend much of our free time.

By injecting some energy and illumination into your home, you bring a fresh sense of purpose and vitality indoors, and can play with design, colour schemes and positioning until you find the perfect atmosphere for your rooms.

For more design inspiration, styling ideas, and exceptional handcrafted mirrors and art, visit our collections at Andrew Lee.

February 15, 2021 — Andrew Bourke