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Interior design trends ebb and flow like any other, but one style never seems to go out of fashion. Florals, natural prints and botanicals have a timeless feel that fits any home, from a traditional country kitchen to a contemporary penthouse apartment.

If you'd like to bring a little nature to your home and improve the flow of energy in your living spaces, choosing plant prints and decor inspired by the natural world is a great option!

Here we'll explore a little further the benefits of adorning your home with natural design touches and how to get back to nature without losing your current style.

The Value of Nature in Our Homes

Whether you're celebrating the blossoming of spring buds or want to have summer vibes in your home year-round, there is little doubt that greenery and iconic florals are the way to go.

Botanicals remain on-trend for lots of reasons:

  • Modern technology and hard edges can feel utilitarian and cold - softening those edges with natural lines can make living spaces feel more gentle and relaxed.
  • Natural beauty never gets boring! Organic themed prints don't have to be chintzy florals or uniform patterns but can be elegant and hugely contemporary.
  • Plant lovers will know how nature makes us feel calmer, more peaceful, and in tune with our surroundings, so it makes sense to incorporate some of these powerful pieces in every home!

After a long, hard winter where so many of us have spent most of our time indoors, using naturally inspired decor is also an excellent mood booster! Plants are synonymous with the outdoors, freedom, and wide-open spaces.

The essential factor is to think about how you'd like to echo this vibe in your home and whether there are key features you'd like to highlight.

How to Get Interior Natural Decor Right

Mention florals, and the immediate picture that may come to mind is cutesy daisy prints and primary colours that look amazing in a kid's bedroom or playroom, but perhaps not so much in a modern family kitchen.

Contemporary decor is far more diverse, with a vast range of prints, styles, textures and hues that create a stunning palette that draws the eye and soothes the mind.

The trick is to opt for colour accents and features rather than all-out botanicals covering every corner.

Examples include statement pillows, tropical landscape prints, or floral leaf designs. These add a hint of nature without being overwhelmingly busy.

An excellent option is to blend bright natural prints with block colours. A set of scatter cushions in alternating green shades, with one or two fern motifs or colourful bursts of flowers, can look stunning.

Likewise, you don't need to go all-out on the naturally inspired designs or be confined to a limited colour scheme.

Leaf prints in rich reds and blues look artistic and stylish, or you can elevate minimalist chic with one or two accents of colour without needing to change your interior completely.

The texture is also as important as visual impact. By combining a range of wall coverings, reclaimed wood, glass and soft furnishings, you can create a room that feels interesting, full of features and design quirks that make it charming.

Incorporating Natural Plants in Your Interior Design

The Andrew Lee team is delighted to champion the best in British interior decor, with pieces crafted by hand at our Northamptonshire base or curated from talents in the design world.

Here we've collated a shortlist of some of our most popular furnishings and statement decor pieces, all inspired by the beauty and grace of the natural world.

From our Luxury Kitchen Towels range, the Autumn Geometric print is a brilliant example of how modern design can incorporate these touches of nature without being obvious.

The 100% cotton fabric is luxuriously soft and offers designer artwork in an unexpected part of your home.

The Abstract Floral Elements paper collage lampshade is another feature that highlights the joy of beautiful design.

Bright, vibrant colours and exciting shapes transform the visual impact of any light fitting, with cutting-edge ink products to deliver a stimulating effect.

When it comes to artwork, hanging a natural print can dramatically affect the ambience and atmosphere of a room! Our favourites include:

  • Our wonderfully sublime Surreal Dark, Chrome, Cyan Peony Flower canvas print - this looks captivating mounted on a paler wall with a complementing colour.
  • The romantically gentle Leaves in Paris wood print, handmade on reclaimed wood for full sustainability credentials.
  • A stunning piece of mirror art, with the Autumn Leaves Illustration showcasing a design that blends slick modern styling with natural colours and themes.

These statement pieces offer a hint of nature and yet fit seamlessly into contemporary colour schemes.

Outdoor Interiors

We often hear the phrase 'bringing the outdoors in' - but what does that mean in practice? The objective is to use styling and botanical decor to echo the environment around us.

If you have a living space with entranceways or picture windows leading to the outdoors, this offers an excellent opportunity to make the most of the synergy between the two areas.

Selecting stylish pieces with similar tones and shades as you can find in your garden means you create a sense of seamless harmony, with the outdoors reflected inwards.

That doesn't necessarily mean using uniform prints, but it is a beautiful opportunity to be playful and experiment with colours and shapes!

The best living spaces uplift the spirit and enhance our enjoyment of our homes, so the secret is in selecting features that bring you happiness.

Try using some colourful sofa cushions to add a zesty jolt of colour to sofas. You could opt for quirky table settings and coasters to add light and interest to your dining areas, or imagine a tropical botanical paradise in your bathroom with some beautiful bathmats that turn a functional space into an oasis of colour!

If we had to pick our most popular naturally inspired piece, we'd be hard-pressed.

However, the Autumn Calm Lake mirror art piece or Art Deco Design Tree feature are exceptional examples of how to incorporate nature into your home without compromising on excellent design.

Please visit the Andrew Lee catalogue for more ideas about ways to add the natural world to your property in a compellingly stylish way.

April 29, 2021 — WOYA