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We love a 'wow factor' piece - a statement in your home that immediately draws attention and looks like it's been selected specifically for your personality and property!

So often, it isn't easy to find the time required to create a unique interior, or we're left stumped by rooms that need something that isn't easy to put your finger on.

In this guide, the Andrew Lee interiors team has collated our recommendations for simple accent pieces or furnishings that can breathe energy into your room without needing a full-blown renovation project.

For Well-Decorated Rooms that Need a Touch of Drama

If you're content with your colour schemes and wouldn't dream of parting with your favourite furniture, it can be hard to work out how you can elevate the style of a room without doing anything significant.

One of the easiest ways to add a little drama, interest (and rack up those all-important design points) is to opt for a Luxury Mirror!

Glass is a magical potion for adding energy to any room, and a gorgeous champagne bevelled frame or chic red colour pop can bring a space to life instantly.

The larger, the better; having a luxe quality mirror has multiple benefits:

  • Capturing and reflecting light into the room, making it feel brighter, bigger and bolder.
  • Complementing colours with a vast range of frames and materials to create a consistent design scheme.
  • Showcasing your favourite pieces, positioning a mirror in a strategic corner to bring attention to displays, artwork, or picturesque views.

From antique metallics to natural wood, sleek contemporary chrome, to opulent gold and natural matte finishes, a great mirror placement can make a well-decorated room burst to life.

For Bedrooms Requiring a Style Upgrade

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, and yet given that they aren't an entertaining space, it's common to end up with sleeping areas that feel bland and lifeless - which isn't the best way to ensure you get a great night's sleep!

If your bedroom feels a little uninspired, some quick-fix solutions can make it feel like a luxurious haven and the perfect space to wind down.

One of our favourite ways to level up bedroom interiors is with clever use of lighting.

Standard light bulbs and traditional shades are functional but don't speak of calm, so a simple change of your fittings can make a bedroom far more relaxing and inviting.

Lighting can influence our mood profoundly, so try out some of these ideas to make a boring bedroom into a boudoir:

  • Using coloured lampshades for ambience - soft pinks and rose colours are an excellent option for restful bedrooms.
  • Adding abstract patterned light features for a sense of order and well-structured design.
  • Choosing oversized bedside table lamps to deliver gentle, fluttering light with a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Take a look at the comprehensive Lighting range at Andrew Lee for more inspiration!

For Homes That Are More Functional Than Beautiful

Every home needs to cater to the practicalities of its owners, but if you feel that your property has become more functional than aesthetic and doesn't evoke feelings of joy, it's time for an upgrade!

An effortless way to bring humour and excitement to living spaces is to hang a piece of exceptional Mirror Art.

From dramatic art-pop designs to subtle botanicals, quirky letter prints, to art deco stylistic pieces, our mirror art range continues to be among the most popular products curated by the Andrew Lee home living team.

Art is a hugely personal choice and can reflect your character, family, style of your property, or how you live in your space.

Combining the functionality of a mirror with some contemporary artwork is a double whammy, ensuring you have beautiful pieces to celebrate that will lift your mood each time you step through the door.

For Bathrooms That Are Missing Luxury

As with our bedrooms, design budgets often focus on kitchens and living rooms, leaving our humble bathrooms a little tired and unloved.

However, it's just as vital to pour some energy into these most practical spaces to ensure your quality of living echoes throughout your property.

Bathrooms are crucial to our wellbeing and space where we relax, unwind, and enjoy a little personal care time - so ensuring they are beautiful places to be, is key!

Adding some luxurious touches can make a world of difference to your bathroom without requiring a plumber or any extensive DIY.

The Andrew Lee Luxury Bathmats collection is an excellent example of simple interior upgrades that don't take any time and elevate the style stakes with a compelling impact.

Some of our must-have products include the gorgeous Bright Flower on Green print and the Tropical Flowers & Plant Leaves design.

These beautifully bright colours are a perfect way to ensure a drab bathroom feels warm, soothing, and somewhere with chic details that elevate it beyond a functional space for bathing.

You can also opt for vibrant, fun bathmat designs that are great for smaller bathrooms, which you'd like to feel more attractive and appealing!

The direct to fabric print ensures exceptional detail in every luxe bathmat, with quality fibres to ensure your stylish bathmats remains beautifully bold.

How to Choose Interior Design Statement Pieces

If you're a little daunted about selecting that one crucial piece that will transform the feel of your home, don't be!

Everybody has unique tastes, so rather than focusing on current trends, we'd recommend tapping into the colours, styles and patterns that please you.

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to choosing interior decor items that reflect the way you live.

Should you have a bold colour scheme, you can decide to clash with that to deliver visual interest, use coordinated patterns to tie rooms together, or go off-piste with something radically different that brings a smile to your face!

The key to remember is that you don't need to invest in a total renovation if you feel that your home needs a lift - and choosing some exceptionally detailed products from the Andrew Lee collection will make a profound difference to your home ambience.

April 29, 2021 — WOYA